Husband stabs wife to death and then embraces her


    On Wednesday, a man allegedly stabbed his wife to death at a Queen’s salon where she worked. He then proceeded to lie down and embrace her lifeless body.

    The deceased was identified as the 35-year-old Iris Rodriguez. She was working inside the Tu Stilo Salon and Spa on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens. The police reveal that her husband’s attack took place at 7 pm.

    The shocking footage obtained by the Daily News showed her attacker lying atop her bleeding body. He is heard whispering to her and crying, while onlookers scream in the background.
    Police stand outside Tu S'tilo Salon and Spa, where Iris Rodriguez was killed by her husband

    Iris Rodriguez and her husband were estranged, having separated in January after about four years of marriage. Apparently, he became jealous when he saw her talking to other men, according to Rodriguez’s friend Rosa. She was also being harassed by him when he would call after their split up.

    Rosa also revealed: “She said that he was aggressive, and she was a little scared, but never enough to think this [would happen]. She said he wanted her to live with him but she said she didn’t want to be with him. She said she didn’t want him to know where she lived.”

    “Such a good person she was. A really good mother. She loved her children. She would do everything for them,” Rosa said of her friend, with tears in her eyes.

    Iris Rodriguez, (pictured), was stabbed several times allegedly by her estranged husband who then lay down and embraced her at a Queens salon where she worked

    Although Rodriguez was immediately rushed to Elmhurst General Hospital, she was declared dead on arrival.

    The 39 year old perpetrator’s name has not been officially released yet and charges against him are still pending.

    Iris Rodriguez, is survived by her two young sons, one of eight years and the other, just a toddler.