Is Katie Holmes Pregnant with Jamie Foxx’s baby? Rumours Continue To Flood The Internet


    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx might just be expecting their first child together. And despite trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye, rumors continue to leak and swirl. Read on to find out what this latest one says.

    The Perfect Timing? For A Baby And A Ring?

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for over five years. And they’ve tried to keep it quiet, but reportedly, fans have gotten some information after endless snooping.

    While pregnancy and wedding rumors have been a constant companion since their relationship news emerged back in 2013, this latest one has some vivid details. Recently published reports claim that the 40-year-old actress and mother of Suri Cruise is expecting a child with Jamie Foxx soon that was conceived through in vitro fertilization. Star Magazine claims that Katie Holmes just discovered this herself.

    The Extra Details


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    The tabloid website also reports that Jamie Foxx is planning to propose marriage to Tom Crusie’s former wife Holmes after learning about the pregnancy. It claims that a source told the website that Foxx has already bought the ring and finds it the “perfect time” to get married to the woman carrying his child. They even described her as having “a maternal glow” and said that Holmes “caresses her tummy a lot, like she’s already bonding with the baby.” Fozz meanwhile, according to them is “being more affectionate than ever” and has plans to be with Holmes “every step of the way.”

    Should You Believe the Rumours?

    As they say, you should always take rumors such as this with a grain of salt. Star Magazine is known to have published fake news, time, and time again. If Katie Holmes is pregnant, real news will probably come from her reps or through some telling photographs.