Is Kendall Jenner Really cutting Ties with Kardashians? reason behind it.


    Kendall Jenner is cutting ties with the rest of the family. In an interview, Jenner said that ” she wants to focus on her career and her life” and thus doesn’t want to be get disturbed by the constant Kardashians family drama. Though this has a little evidence, the area close-knit family that would never cut other out of their lives has more evidence.


    Whenever the news is about the Kardashians, they always fire on the social media platform and are in the news always. The family is always together with each other at all the good and bad phases, and this very well known on social media. The family supports every member in their hard times, and thus the family members are successful. On the Instagram  Kylie Jenner posted a photo with family and in the caption, she wrote “Family over everything. Don’t know what I’d do without these strong, beautiful women in my life” when they supported her on the occasion when she released her Skin Care Line.


    Kris Jenner also supports his family, the “momager” supportive of children including Kendall Jenner, she cheered Jenner on her runway walk at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. On an event, Khloe  Kardashian posted a picture with family and captioned that “Nothing like a photo with ALL my sisters! You Guys have no idea how hard it is to wrangle everyone for one photo” and said that it very hard to find out time even after that busy schedule, Kim has to manage four kids, Kourtney is a single mother with three children. But this statement of Khloe completely vanished when Kendall is in rumors of cutting ties with the Kardashians. The family is very angry with her, as they said that she is ” acting like she’s better than the rest of them”.

    Jenner will have a break from all the siblings except Kylie, just three weeks ago, the outlet insisted she has a “lot of insecurities.”