Is Netflix releasing Ozark season 3 in August, Jason Bateman might have an answer ?


    The Byrde family is coming again to thrill you. Ozark season 3 is officially announced.

    The series main actor Jason Bateman tweeted last year in October ” I’m happy for me, but concerned for Marty-it”s official OZARK 3 is on its way.”

    Before confirming about the third season he even hinted about the same in one of his tweets and questioned his followers about whether he should start working on the third season.

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    Now Netflix has also mentioned that season 3 is on its way.

    Recently, showrunner Chris Mundy stated that Marty and Wendy would be “dealing with outside force.” He also mentioned new characters arrival, one being Wendy’s brother about whom he said “Wh’ve we’ve hinted at the first couple years as having some sort of mental illness in the past.”

    Ozark is an American crime drama series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney play a pivotal role in the series. Jason Bateman plays the role of a husband named Marty Byrde, who is a financial planner. He moved to Ozarks along with his children Charlotte and Jonah and wife (played by Laura Linney) Wendy Byrde who was a public relations consultant on political campaigns who became a housewife before the family moved to the Ozarks.

    The exact date of the third season isn’t announced yet, but it is expected to arrive during the end of 2019 or in 2020.

    Two seasons have already released, the first season comprised of 10 episodes and was released on Netflix on 21st July 2017 and the second season also comprised of 10 episodes released on 31st August 2018. Bateman directed four episodes of season 1 and two episodes of season 2.

    The show gained momentum slowly, initially the show received average ratings, but with season two it emerged as a big show. The show also received many nominations for Emmys.