It’s Confirmed! “The 100” stars Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor married each other recently


    Stars of the American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama “The 100”, Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor got married to each other in a secret wedding recently.

    The on-screen Romance between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake went on a new alter as the couple tied the knot this year. It was a close family affair as the couple wanted to keep their special day private concealing it from the eyes of the paparazzi.

    The duo shared the news with their fans through their social media accounts. Taylor in her statement confirmed the news of her marriage by saying that yes she has married her best friend and soulmate Bob Morley recently. In another tweet Morley tweeted by urging their fans to refrain spreading any remarks about their marriage and thus giving the couple utmost privacy.

    In an joint interview recently at San Diego Comic-con along with their “The 100” co-star Richard Harmon, The couple spoke about their secret marriage. The Couple responded by saying that they were aware of the frenzied excitement people had about the characters Clarke and Blake and their chemistry,and they were hoping them to come together in the season, which unfortunately did not happen. But the real-life chemistry between Eliza and Bob is different and comparing them with that of Clarke and Bellamy will be completely “meaningless”.

    The drama which started in 2014 had the story of a devastated future Earth due to a Nuclear fallout and the turmoil of the survivors as the crux. Taylor and Morley played two of the survivors in this science fiction drama. According to sources the duo have been in a relationship for six years and this sudden revelation of their marriage came as a shock. But wasn’t this a lovely shock seeing the reel life couple turn into a real-life one?