Jaimie Alexander’s Sif could return in Thor 4 alongside Chris Hemsworth & Natalie Portmanas Queen of Asgardians


    The American actress Jaimie Lauren Alexander will be back as Sif in the new Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. Jaimie is best known for her role in the television series, Kyle XY as Jessi. Jaimie Alexander made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe way back in 2011.

    She played the role of Lady Sif. She was seen in the movies, Thor which was released in 2011 and Thor: The Dark World which was released in 2013. Jaimie was absent in the third film, Thor: Ragnarok which was released in 2017. She was busy with the television series named Blindspot.

    Thor Love and Thunder will be the fourth Thor film and will be directed by Taika Waititi.

    Lady Sif Image: MARVEL

    Sif is a fictional character who appeared in the Marvel Comics. She is an Asgardian warrior and Thor’s lover. She often goes along with Thor into battles. Sif had also fought alongside Balder, who was attracted to Sif. However, she never showed any affection for anyone to expect for Thor.

    Sif and Thor were separated when, Thor’s father, Odin expelled Thor from Asgard. However, later, when Thor was called back to Asgard, Sif and Thor were reunited. In the course of time, Sif realised that Thor still loved, Jane Foster and Sif left Thor.
    Sif was not lucky in finding the love of her life. But this time she might be the new queen of the Asgardians.

    Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
    Picture: Marvel Studios 2017

    Recently, during an interview in the San Diego Comic-Con Tessa Thompson said that she was looking for her Queen. Tessa Thompson played the role of Valkyrie, who is the new ruler of the Asgardians.

    Picture: Twitter/JaimieAlexander

    There are speculations that many new characters might be introduced in the movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. These characters will be competing as the Valkyrie’s new queen. However, Jaimie Alexander believes that Lady Sif would be a great choice as Valkyrie’s wife and the new queen of Asgard.

    The movie, Thor: Love and Thunder will be releasing on 5th of November, 2021.