James Bond On The Big Screen Again: Bond 25 Giving Us The New 007


    No one can forget the iconic character of James Bond nor the famous line he delivered throughout history.  Ever since Spectre was released Bond fans have been waiting to see the secret agent on the big screen again. The Bond film has grossed more than $7 billion, which makes it the fourth highest-grossing series.


    In the last movie, we saw Daniel Craig aka Agent 007 leaving his position and sort of getting retired. The new movie starring out beloved secret agent will be “Bond 25”. The movie is set to release April 8 2020. From the previous dates of trailer drop, we can expect trailer of Bond 25, 150 or 180 days before the film.

    Bond 25 shares an amazing cast of Daniel Craig, Captian Marvel’s Lashana Lynch, Ana de Armas, Rami Malek. Ana was previously the part of Blade Runner and who can ignore the civilian of this movie Rami. The director and the producer says that this movie will be different than any previous film.

    The only detail released is that Lashana will take the designation of 007. Daniel as the previous Bond will try to charm her but will know that his charm doesn’t work on our new 007. Behind the set detail released by the production, gives us what the crew has been filming in the Caribbean.

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Daniel Craig met and discuss on how to improve the Bond 25 script. The new movie will include a new type of humour and will polish the character. A vague description was given that Daniel has retired and lived his peaceful life in the Carribean. Hence the video which was released by the production house.

    The actor Daniel Craig had an ankle injury which pushed the filming a couple of weeks but the date is now released. The fans now await to see Daniel, Maybe for the last time.