James Charles is angry with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby brown for refusing to collab


    Collaboration is the key to any successful viral video. On that note, we see on a daily basis that our favorite YouTubers and Instagram influencers often collaborate with other famous person or persons, to receive the maximum views. James Charles is not a new name in the digital world. His beauty and makeup videos are a favorite among viewers.

    Millie Bobby Brown was asked publicly by James to collab with him, but she repeatedly refused to do so and which resulted in their feud or let’s call it a “frenemy” relationship.

    James and Millie shared a good friendship relation. They also filmed a video earlier where James revealed the direct messages his celebrity friends sent him. Among which Millie Messaged him about some beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

    It can be said that Millie Bobby Brown is not keenly interested in collaborating with James Charles. James apparently asked Millie while she was on Live in her Instagram stories. Stranger things star did not show significant interest and made a quite difficult yet negative expression.

    Quite clearly, the feud took place after this digital cold war over the social media!