Jane the Virgin delivers a perfect finish to it’s amazing run on season finale


    Let’s be honest. It’s sporadic to have an excellent satisfactory ending to our favourite shows that we have been following for quite some time. Just look at Dexter and lost; both shows were critically acclaimed and loved by the audience at the same time. However, neither shows managed to do well in its finale. Add to that, and they did so wrong for such good shows that they have now become top examples of good shows ending badly. This is why it’s fantastic to see good shows ending on a High note with everyone.

    And everyone’s happy to see that Jane the Virgin not only gave a satisfactory ending to everyone, but it managed to nail it. The end was such that it perfectly resonated with the entirety of the show by being the perfect last piece of a puzzle. However, the actual ideal part of the ending was how it made the people watching it feel like they have been part of something impressive and beautiful, which came to a perfect closure.

    SOURCE: The Cheat Sheet

    The finale had Jane and Rafael tying the knot, and we see Petra and Jr bury the hatchet. We also witnessed Esteban proposing to Darci, and the biggest revelation of all, the narrator of the show is none other than grown-up Mateo, and the show is an adaption of Jane’s novel. According to Sydney Urman, the ending of the show was the exact conclusion that she pitched to CW six years ago. Urman added that she had already decided it was made you in the middle of the first season. She also explained that the accent wasn’t a decoy but a part of the reveal as she wanted all the pieces to fit together and the revelation to add another layer to their meta-telenovela. The only reason Mateo was putting on an accent was that he is a celebrated voice-over artist, said Urman.

    SOURCE: E! News

    All in all, the show is truly amazing from start to end with very few hiccups. The show entertained us throughout it’s run, and moreover, it gave us a great ending.