Jane the Virgin gives us the PERFECT HAPPY ENDING we have always craved!!!


    The series finale of Jane the Virgin is an hour of pure joy. What started off as an accident ended up as happily ever after.

    credit: The CW

    The finale episode on Wednesday night was as usual straight out of a telenovela. It reminded the fans why Jane the Virgin was TV’s easiest show to love. There was a lot of drama throughout the series, but the ending was worth all that drama.

    The show firstly premiered in 2014 and it has been five years. The show began with Jane, a 23 years old devout Catholic committed to remaining a virgin until marriage getting artificially inseminated by a heartsick and distracted gynecologist. It is based on a Venezuelan telenovela “Juana La Virgen”.

    Along the way, there were kidnappings, maiming, several murders, a crime boss whose story-line is too complicated, double and triple crossings, cancer, the threat of deportation, and too many crushing breakups. Yet everything worked out in the end just like everyone has hoped for.


    The idea of conflict was teased, and it was playfully resolved throughout the finale. That was one of the things that kept the viewers glued to their seats. Complications after complications rear its head, but Jane never falters in her joyous belief that whatever is happening on her wedding day is perfect, so we don’t falter either.

    The finale tied all the loose ends and left enough slack for it to feel realistic. Creator Jenny Shyder Urman treated her characters with empathy. Every piece that was out of place is fixed and gives off a perfect picture.

    Jane the Virgin
    credit: The CW

    The CW has said farewell to a pair of top-notch series recently. First “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and now “Jane the Virgin.” The fans are surely going to miss this show and all the hyped up drama it has served.