Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s reunion in court to share their testimony can be called off as series of unfortunate events


    Jennifer Aniston has been iconic to us for her role as Rachel Greene in All time Favourite Friends. Her ambiguous relationship with her onscreen friend/boyfriend Ross Geller always kept the audience uptight more twists and turns. Aniston’s real life also seems to be going on the same page as after splitting with her husband Justin Theroux, there has been rumours about her getting along with her ex, Brad Pitt. Doesn’t this seem familiar, if you’re a Friends fan?

    Recently, Aniston and her ex husband reunited to mourn for their beloved dog, Dolly who passed away. Dolly was with them since they got married, and even after the split they were pretty close to it. They were holding hands at funeral while comforting each other for the huge loss.

    The ex-couple again shall witness each other in court as they have been summoned to give their testimony about investigation going on about Musgrove’s death. When the actors got married, the producers, Joel Silver and Musgrove attended the honeymoon party. Musgrove, who was silver’s assistant who got drunk and disappeared, and was later found dead, floating 2 days later, nude. As the actors were directly involved in the incident, they might be called off to share their testimony about the incident, so that any I formation related to the case can be drawn.

    There have been allegation on Silver’s personal chef, Martin Herold who was with Musgrove in his bungalow and she was spotted leaving it two days before her body was found. Later her parents filed a case against silver and his personal chef.

    Its a series of unfortunate events for both the actors as a Mishap happened on their wedding party, followed by which they got split and now their beloved Dolly died. To add to all these now they both have to reunite in court as witnesses to share testimony regarding Musgrove’s death. amidst all this chaos, there have been rumors about brad and Jennifer getting back together, which will make things more complicated for Aniston and Theroux.