Jewellery worth £53k removed from Women’s stomach


    Runi Khatoon, 22, was hurried to the hospital on July 16 after she started to throw up following every meal. The doctors proceeded to operate her and discovered a hoard of items which left them mystified- 80 earrings,69 chains,46 coins, eight lockets,11 nose rings, five anklets, and one watch dial.
    Runi’s family, the residents of West Bengal, had no idea that their daughter had been swallowing these items. Her mother told authorities that the jewelry consumed was likely to have come from her brother’s shop.
    Whenever she was confronted about the lost items, she would start crying and reveal nothing. Her mother kept a constant watch on Runi due to the suspiciously strange behavior of her daughter.
    The medical officials revealed that most of the recovered items were made of copper and brass. She was under critical conditions when she was first brought and used up five bottles of blood during the surgery at Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital.
    Many such bizarre cases of patients swallowing items have been registered frequently these days. In Khatun’s case, her motive behind drinking jewelry is unclear, and she had been unwell for the past two months.