John Coughlin is again accused of sexual assault


    John Coughlin was a successful pair skater, died at the age of 33. The reason for his death was suicide, and it happened after the day of his suspension from the United States Center for Safe Sport and United States figure Skating for unspecified conduct. And after few months of his demise some his former skating partner took social media to voice out for his sexual assault.

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    Ashley Wagner’s allegations.

    Ashley Wagner is also a professional skating player, who won 3 US championship plus 2015 Olympic Bronze Medalist. She recently opened up about the sexual assault she went through by her former partner John Coughlin. It happened in the year 2008 when Ashley was just 17 and went to a house party during the US team’s training camp in Colorado Springs. According to her he climbed up the bed and groped up inappropriately.

    Further, she added “I now know that regardless of the events of that night, I got into that the bed thinking I was safe just to fall asleep,” “He was one who took away that safety. I went into that house just wanting to have fun with all of my friends. He was one who shattered all of that. Going to the party in no way, shape or form gave that man permission to touch me. I never once said anything that made him think that it was okay to take control of my body away from me.

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    “My presence at a party did not imply my consent. I wish I could have learned that sooner. The years of guilt I have felt should not have rested on me but him.”

    Bridget Namiotka

    In March, Bridget Namiotka, who was John’s skating partner from 2004-2007, she also accused him of sexually assaulted her in her early teenage years.
    John resigned as US brand manager of John Wilson Brand after his suspension.