Justin and Hailey’s Wedding: Still A Solid Couple to Boast About?


    Justin and Hailey’s marriage was probably one of the biggest surprise marriage dropped on the music industry. They seemed to be very close to each other and seem to be dating. Then one day, boom! they are married.


    They married each other after two months of Justin Proposing Hailey. There were a lot of people saying that their marriage was very fast and they should have given it some more thought. Rumours started to float that they are not exactly in love and will break up soon. Defying all the rumours, they are very much in love even now.

    On Wednesday Justin shared a lovely selfie of her beautiful wife Hailey. In the selfie, Beiber showed his eyebrow piercing and Hailey cuddled him up. The snap shut down any type of doubt if anyone had on their marriage. In the snap, Hailey was wearing her diamond-coated “Bieber” necklace. Justin was wearing a T-shirt from his wife’s clothing line.

    On Beiber’s Instagram story Hailey showed off her dance moves wearing a strapless beige crop top and green pants. Recent Instagram pics show that the couple was in Japan enjoying a vacation. The couple is two months away from their one-year anniversary, how the time has passed. Justin and Hailey also spend their time spiritually in the church.

    Justin responded to the questions of ever becoming a parent. He said that he is ready for parenthood but they are not in any kind of a rush. The couple is said to hold an even bigger wedding in the fall with all the family and friends. Justin describes Hailey as the one and says that he wouldn’t be able to survive without her. The couple is going strong and will also stay together in the future.