Life Wasn’t Always As Blingy As Of Now For Millie Bobby Brown Aka The Telekinetic Teen Eleven


    The struggling journey from nowhere to the youngest brand ambassador of the world’s biggest jewelry brand, Pandora, Millie Bobby Brown has covered an enormous journey of fandom.

    Stranger Thing’s starrer, Millie Bobby Brown is an English actress who will be the face of Pandora new jewelry collection from October 2019. the self-made actress, as the new ambassador of Pandora, shall be the perfect youth icon for young women to are in a quest to identify themselves.

    Brown’s parents shifted to Long Angeles with her, after she was acknowledged by a scout for her natural acting skills. They sold everything in order to move in Los Angeles so that Brown’s acting dream could be fulfilled. But as she did not receive a great breakthrough, that decided to shift back to her aunt’s place having lost everything. It was then that she got a chance to audition for Netflix’s original series stranger things, and the next thing- She was flying to Atlanta for the shoot.

    This show was a hit and after her role as the gifted child eleven, Millie Bobby Brown’s career got a major hike. As of now, Millie’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Millie was chosen by time magazine as youngest one of the 100 most influential people of 2018. Adding to the fame, the teen actress has been rumored to be signed for the star wars trilogy. She will also star in Godzilla: the king of the monsters.

    Millie life has not been a bed of roses, but she managed to pick up petals for herself. for her role as Eleven in stranger things season 1, she had to chop her hair off completely as the role demanded same. instead of feeling embarrassed, she felt powerful in doing so, as she shared on Instagram ” The day I shaved my head was the most empowering moment of my whole life. the last strand of hair cut off was the moment my whole face was on show and I couldn’t hide behind my hair like I used to.”

    This kind of self-empowerment is the reason why Millie is on the epitome of fame at such a young age. No wonder why she is the new face of the world’s biggest jewelry brand’s innovative collection for the young and powerful.