Maisie Williams to return with a Sky Original comedy “Two weeks to live”


    Maisie Williams, known for her role of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones is all set to return on screen . Williams bagged this new project after the conclusion of the Finale season of the fantasy drama. The fierce warrior of the Stark family who survived till the end will be returning as Kim Noakes , an young misfit in the comedy “Two weeks to live”.

    Makers revealed few details of this fresh Comedy. The story will center around this Young Misfit Kim Noakes, living in the countryside. Suddenly she falls prey to a situation where she had to run for her life with some stolen money. Williams in an interview said that she is quite excited for the role and also think that this comedy has a huge potential in it. The story will be divided into six parts and will be produced by The Tunneland Human Outfit Kudos. The director Jon Mountague also shared his joy by saying that with Williams leading it from the front, it will surely be a great film. He also added that the film will be eccentrically more bold and more British and will give the audience a taste of good comedy. Filming will be commencing soon.

    Maisie Williams recently attended San Diego Comic con 2019 gathering and was part of panel on Game of Thrones. The character of Arya Stark which reached the pinnacle of popularity with the concluding season is one such characters, that is might get a spin-off. It would be amazing to watch her experiences in a new show, considering the fact that she left Westeros to unveil the world beyond the seven kingdoms. she gave a humorous reply to the question of a probable spin-off. She said that she might return as Arya Stark only if she is provided with comfortable clothing with zips for the spin-off.

    The Return of Arya Stark might be in ambiguity as nothing has be finalized yet. But fans must rejoice as Williams is surely returning on the screens with her new venture in British Comedy ” Two weeks to live”.