Man Brutally Assaulted & Eye gouged for wearing a Trump ‘MAGA’ Hat


    Turan, a resident of Hoboken, was attacked by a group of teens for wearing the MAGA hat. The “Make America Great Again” aka “MAGA” hat, which Turan purchased the day before he wore, led to sudden impulsive aggression against him, by a group of teenagers.

    The group of teens, merely aged 17 to 18 years. Not only they attacked the 35-year-old victim, but they were also using the abusive word against Donald Trump. They were continuously shouting “F….you Trump,” “F…Trump”.

    Not only that, he was at the California StarBucks, where one woman flipped his hat, and another man pushed him from behind. This led to chaos and attacks on him, and over two dozens of people attacked him.

    Man Brutally Assaulted & Eye gouged for wearing a Trump 'MAGA' Hat

    He said that he bought the cap from Trump Plaza. He also added that he had no intention of wearing the Pro-Trump cap in New York City. Wearing the Cap which led to an attack on him at around 6:50 pm on Canal Street, while he was returning from his office.

    The victim who is 35 years old, was punched on the back of his head and neck, which could have led to severe internal damage. When his face was bumped and forcefully shoved into a pole, he suffered a fracture in cheek. The condition of his cheek and the eye is very bad and at a critical condition.

    Courtesy: Fox News.


    Rosiane Santos, 41 years old faces charges after severely assaulting a man for wearing the “MAGA” Hat at a Mexican restaurant.

    The victim went to the hospital immediately, but his conditions kept on worsening!!