Man Brutally Shot for entering Area 51, US’sstark warning to all trespassers


    Area 51 has represented the eye of a conspiratorial cyclone that revolves around “proofs” that “aliens” and their “technologies’ exist and are hiding behind the walls. Books, tv shows and the Internet have tried to glimpse beyond its warnings against trespassers.

    It can cost you a life for entering or lets say trespassing the Area 51. In the middle of the large barren Nevada desert, there is an unmarked road full of dust that goes to the main gate of Area 51. This is the top military base of America. In January, a man was shot dead while he was attempting to enter the top secret military base to quench his hunger for the information.

    More than 1 million people have signed up a group on the major social media platform Facebook, where they encourage people to unravel the secret of Area 51 and to meet up the Alien center tourist attraction. The previous attempts costed life of people and that was quite a big issue and challenge for them. The initiators of this page should be aware of that and think twice of this program as it is made clear to everyone.

    Area 51 has been used by American Aviation authorities since 1955 and the entrance is unavailable to those who does not have a proper top level security clearance.

    Area 51, Image Source: Popular Mechanics
    Area 51, Image Source: Popular Mechanics

    Jackson Barnes, a Facebook user wrote in the page, ” Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with the plan. I just thought it would be funny.”

    Air force members told that they do not encourage entering into the secret military base. They are working hard to train the American armed forces. Their only intention and motive is to protect America and its assets.

    There may not be any Alien related stuffs going on there but the secret military base is growing as a mystery among the world.