Mariah Carey Does Not Want to Spoil her Children by Expensive Gifts


    Hollywood elites start smothering their children with expensive and lavish gifts from infancy. The Heartbreaker singer Mariah Carey takes exception to this trend. Coming from a humble background, she clawed her way to success and made her mark in the music industry.

    Mariah Carey Does Not Want to Spoil her Children by Any Means of Gifts

    The revered singer told People magazine that she valued money since her childhood as she grew up amid financial hardships. Her family isolated her mother for entering into a mixed-race marriage with her father.

    Mother to eight-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah insists that her children should realize that their privileged life was hard-earned by their parents. Carey priorities are providing her kids with a safe and secure home surrounded by people who love them unconditionally.

    It is refreshing to see a prominent figure wanting their children to grow up without a sense of entitlement. This cannot be said for stars such as Kim Kardashian, who throws lavish birthday parties for her toddlers or the Royal couple who bought an expensive pram for their daughter.

    The Without You singer who was married to TV Host Nick Cannon believes that they have done an excellent job of raising their kids. The couple divorced in 2016, but continue to be good friends.