Marvel To Bring Out A Female Centric Series With ABC? When and Which?


    The superhero community has always been open to male and female. Since the superhero movies or series have always shown Male protagonist, it is time to change things up. One scene from Avengers Endgame showed us all the female superheroes teaming together in a single shot.


    Females have always supported the male superhero and helped him take his decisions wisely. But time has come when series or movies will focus solely on female superheroes. With the release of Captain Marvel and upcoming movie Black Widow Marvel is taking in seriously to show the audience what ladies in Marvel universe can do.

    Jessica Jones first hit the small screens and was very much loved. The show continued for 3 seasons after which it was officially dropped. Scarlet Witch will be the first superhero to reach the small screen in the form of TV series. Recently it has been reported that Marvel is working with ABC to present a new female Marvel superhero. Allan Heinberg who wrote the script for Wonder Woman will be writing the script for this movie. Allan has also written Young Avengers and it’s sequel so he is no new scriptwriter for Marvel.

    The series could spread light on some of the less popular female superheroes like the A-Force. A-Force was an all-female Avengers team which was lead by She-Hulk. A-force was formed as a result of the crossover in 2015 named The Secret Wars. ABC gave us a female-centric series Agent Carter, although the series was well-received it was cancelled after two seasons.

    ABC also handles the production of Agents of Shield. With the changing times, many people want to see a female-centric superhero and Marvel could pick any of the females, they are all worthy!