Money Heist Season 4 aka La casa de papel 2020 release date, rumors and more


    Netflix’s highly-successful Spanish-language crime drama Money Heist might’ve achieved newfound popularity in India after reports emerged that Shahrukh Khan had purchased the rights to make a film based off the series’ first three seasons, but to the legions of fans it already commands the world over, Season Four can’t come any sooner.

    Though there have been rumors that Season Four is already in production and has conducted a phase of principal photography during late July, Netflix is yet to give any official confirmation, and we remain in the dark about just when the series will make a comeback, though Summer 2020 is a safe enough bet.

    Credit: Netflix

    Of course, some would perhaps doubt there being any Season Four at all given the prolonged silence, but there are multiple factors to contradict such a presumption.

    Right off the bat, there’s the series’ commercial viability. Created by Alex Pina, Money Heist gradually increased in popularity in the Spanish-speaking world, itself the second biggest linguistic market that can be captured on the planet, and has since not only become a household name in Latin America, but was also announced by Netflix to officially be the most viewed Non-English series in the history of their platform.

    In addition, Season Three left audiences with a litany of unanswered questions, having focused much of its screentime on the lead ensemble’s plan to rescue gang member Rio and a heist on the Bank of Spain, only for them to get stuck within its confines without a way out.

    Fans have posited a plethora of theories, with the most popular being that the character of Tatiana would return to the limelight and be the savior, while others maintain that the recent seasons’ focus away from simply conducting heists and instead hinting at a bubbling protest against the system as a whole would somehow be a deciding factor.

    The first three seasons of Money Heist can be streamed on Netflix.