Mother In Law Disowned Her Grandchild Due to the Rules Set by Mother!!!


    Mother in law broke rule set by the new mother for her modern-day born child. And later she disowned the newborn child.

    Wondering What All Happened? 

    A new mother made rules for her day born baby as every mother does. Because everyone is conscious of the safety and health of her newborn child. And same did this anonymous mom.

    She made rule number 1:- that if you are sick, do not kiss my child on his head and hands as he can also fell ill. And her mother in law broke this above and number 1 rule.

    She explained to her mother in law several times that she is sick and sneezing all over the house so she should not kiss the newly born. But she was ignoring her and continued kissing the baby.

    She called her sister in law explaining the situation she is facing and immediately her sister in law called her mother to tell all this. The mother in law replied that she has some allergies and is alright. And she continued that she has no germs.

    She didn’t care for the baby’s health at all and ignored the directions. She was not at all bothered with the health issues she was creating for the baby.

    The new mother, before doing anything posted status on social media to get opinions. She wrote:- “She continued to kiss my newborn baby (6-days-old) on the face and hands!” the new mom wrote. “I didn’t say anything at the time, just kindly removed my child from her while my boyfriend told her to get out if she couldn’t respect our wishes.” -The New Mother

    People replied that her mother in law is not understanding and respecting the directions gracefully. And at the end the grandma disowned baby. She said she would never visit and touch the baby.