Netflix and YouTube Streaming Will Be Availed Soon In Tesla Cars, Elon Musk Confirmed!!


    Nowadays, vehicles are something more than traditional transportation machines. It’s not so long when we have seen Elon Musk envisions Tesla cars’ get the game playing facility over its display. Well, what when one can enjoy watching their favorite series or any entertaining YouTube video on the car’s display?

    Netflix and YouTube Streaming Will Be Availed Soon In Tesla Cars, Elon Musk Confirmed!!
    Tesla S Screen. Image Credit: YouTube.

    Netflix and YouTube Streaming On Tesla Cars’ Big Screens

    No, it will not be a dream anymore. Elon Musk on 27th July came up with visionary’s revelation on Twitter that Tesla cars will soon have Netflix and YouTube. One will be able to stream videos over the car’s screen. But not when it is dangerous. As watching videos engaged the passengers deeply, it is not safe to watch the videos. So, like games, video streaming from the popular platform will also have precautions attached to it.

    Precautions Attached To Video Streaming 

    You can have the cinematic experience from the popular streams only when the car is stopped. Elon tweeted regarding the same as “Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when the car is stopped coming to your Tesla soon! Has an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio.”

    Some more advanced cars’ models are leaving behind even the premium tabs as their screens are so big that they seem perfect for video games as well as video streaming too. For example, you can take the Tesla Model S that has a gigantic screen that runs down the aisle of the car.

    Notably, in Tesla, in-car games can only be played when they are parked. Also, the steering is something that will be your controller for games. For video streaming also Elon has hinted towards the safety measure that they would have to instill.

    Well, the cinematic experience will be proved wonderful in terms of fully self-driving cars. In this scenario, your car will be a moving theatre which one would definitely like. Well, dreams apart, that future is far away from our reach. Before enabling the feature getting the regulatory approval is the mandatory thing Elon Musk would require.