Neymar’s Ex-Girlfriend Soraja Vučelić Accidentally Parked Lamborghini In Swimming Pool And Blamed Her Heels


    Serbian model Soraja Vučelić who was Serbia’s Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2011 is in news for a quite strange reason. Guess what? It seems like she is also enjoying all those tabloids that are getting published for the recent viral happening.

    Soraja Vučelić. Image Credit: Splash News
    Soraja Vučelić. Image Credit: Splash News.
    Lamborghini In Swimming Pool

    The 32-year-old model recently uploaded a video on Instagram where she has 356,000 followers. In the footage, we can see a Lamborghini getting harnessed and being lifted out of a swimming pool in France. Surprised, that why the luxurious blue car was there in the swimming pool?

    So, as the post suggested, it was an accident. More surprisingly, Soraja’s heels were the ones that caused disaster to the ‘Lambo’. Notably, the Lambo ended up in the pool when her heels get slipped from brakes. The model has captioned the video with words like  “When your high heel slips from the brake and the Lambo ends up in the pool,” as quoted by The Sun after translation in English.

    The camera equipment and a crew that can be seen in the background suggest that Soraja was on a shoot at the time of landing the expensive car in the pool.

    The video caught eyeballs of many. The comments over the incident are focused on a variety of things. On the social media platform, some are caring about the model’s heels while some are pointing out the Italian car’s condition.

    When the video picked up steam online, we have seen Soraja posting the screenshots of news about the incident from different media outlets. One can say that she is enjoying all these stories on her part.

    Soraja’s Previous And Current Love Relationship

    Well, on a related note, Soraja is reportedly in a relationship with the son of a Russian billionaire, as LAD Bible suggested. Erstwhile rumors had suggested that she was also in a relationship with Brazilian soccer star Neymar. Reportedly it was a matter of a short while.