No Green Light from Disney for the sequel of American Science fiction “Alita: Battle Angel”


    “Alita: Battle Angel” hit the theaters in February this year. Since then speculations were there makers would come up with the sequel of the American Science Fiction soon. But to fans dismay, Disney has not confirmed anything about the film’s probable sequel.

    The movie starring Rosa Salazar and Christopher Waltz officially Digital, DVD, and Blue-ray last month. Despite director Robert Rodriguez’s keen interest in making a sequel, the new production house of the film “Disney” has no mood for making in investments for a sequel.

    The film which received mixed to negative reviews from the critics, went on to create great Box-office numbers. A 21st Century Fox’s blockbuster had a whopping budget of $170 million. The Science Fiction collected $400 million worldwide.

    This humongous amount was still not enough for the production house. The film earned a total of $84 million in North America. This figure brought the success story into a downhill as it got added in the list of other notable disappointments like Paramount’s “Terminator: Genesis”, Disney’s “John Carter”.

    Even after an impressive worldwide collection why the film is not getting a sequel? The answer is quite complex and needs to be pondered. If Fox remained as an independent company, then they might have taken an individual decision of a probable sequel. But with its recent merger with Disney, a sequel to the film is very unlikely.

    The film’s star Rosa Salazar in a recent interview to SlashFilm said that this “Crazy” merger is one of the reasons for this uncertain fate of the sequel.  She further added that in the process of acquisition and merger a lot of people are losing and gaining jobs so this is not an optimal time to ask the Disney about a Probable sequel to “Alita: Battle Angel”.