Otis and Maeve are all set to make a comeback with the second season of Sex Education


    The story of Otis Milburn, an awkward and ambivalent young boy played by Asa Butterfield and Maeve Wiley, an outcast played by Ema Mackey and their journey of initiating  ” sex therapy clinic”  in their school to make their fellow mates come out of the stigma of sex and different sexual orientations, is all set to make a comeback on your screen with the second season.

    The First season was an instant hit and received huge popularity across the globe due to its unique story line which was indeed new but in some places gave the essence of the 80’s school drama on the screen. Although Netflix has not announced the release date of the second season of the British Comedy, but the shooting has already started. Just like the first season the second one will also have eight episodes in it.

    The makers are in no mood to disclose any information about the possible story line of the second season of Sex Education. So here the discretion of the fans and the critics run free till the second season throngs back to the screen. According to sources the second season of the British new-age school drama will have most of the old characters from season one like Asa Butterfield as Otis, Gillian Anderson as Dr jean, Emma Mackey as Maeve,Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, Connor Swindles as Adam, Patrica Allison as Ola. The second season might indulge more time in the growth of a strong relationship between Ola and Otis. Another prospective story line could be Eric’s Romance with the school bully Adam and the outcome and future of this Romance.

    As a fan of the first season, we can only expect the second season of this new age drama dealing with organic and platonic relationships and individualistic to be bigger and better. So all those of you who did not watch the first one why don’t you go and binge watch the eight episodes. It will definitely give a larger insight to a lot of things dealing with sexuality and more.