Poor Dog suffered brain damage after being locked in car in scorching heat by owner


    Man to face charges after he left his dog in the hot car causing brain damage

    It was sad for the US police to find a convulsing, brain-damaged dog after it was left in a car in the sweltering heat.

    Dog named Pedro was found panting and wild-eyed trapped in the footwell area of a car in Lakeside, Colorado on Tuesday. He was suffering spasms in a vehicle when he was found.

    After an animal cruelty call was made from a Walmart car park, responding to which the police reached the destination and broke a passenger window to rescue the dog.

    Pedro was immediately rushed to a local vet surgery and is said to be still critically ill. The dog is said to to be suffering from ‘neurological issues,’ and vets even fear that he might end up permanently disabled.

    Police Officer Dave Kornowski who attended the said that it was one of the most distressing calls he ever attended.

    “The dog couldn’t even bark it was panting so heavy,” he said.

    “The mouth was dry, he was lethargic.

    “He couldn’t even control himself.”

    When a dog’s body temperature reaches 105.8F, the risks of permanent brain damage begins, while multiple organ failure and death could occur between the temperature of 107 to 109 F.

    By the time Pedro was taken out of the vehicle the temperature inside the car had reached 51C (123F)

    Referring  Koto Officerthe high altitude of the place kornowski said: “People don’t realise we’re a mile high so we’re even closer to the sun.”

    Later, when the dog’s owner returned to his car, he was more concerned about his car’s window been broken than about his pet.

    He said his car was not running and tried to run off with his car, but after a brief chase, he was taken down and arrested by the police.

    Kornowski said: “If you love your animal you wouldn’t leave it in the hot car like that.”