R Kelly accused of several sexual assault! Whats the truth?


    Robert Sylvester Kelly, who is the popularly known as R Kelly, was accused of several crimes. Here is a detail about it

    About R Kelly and his cases

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    R Kelly got fame from redefining R and B and hip and hop. And people call him like ‘king of R and B’ and ‘king of pop-soul.’ This received various awards and nominations, but his career took turns when multiple allegations of sexual assault and child pornography took place. His first case dates the back the to late ’90s in the year 2001 the artist was accused of child pornography but denied the facts and got cleared with it by the year 2008. Some of the allegations were that he seemed a 17-year girl when she merely asked for an autograph, another one is he took a girl to his hotel room offered her money like around $200 and asked her to dance naked with him.
    This allegation on the artist took a significant rise from the release of the documentary ‘ Surviving R Kelly’ and taking the chances several voices came up against him. Cook Courtney’s State Attorney Kimberly Fox took a stand and gathered the witnesses. Following the allegations, he was arrested much sooner.

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    R Kelly’s take on it

    R Kelly appointed his lawyer named Steve Greenberg who defended the charges calling it absurd and fake. Though previously R Kelly paid his bail money in previous cases he is still in custody waiting for a move. Doug Anton is supporting R Kelly. Apart from the sexual assault cases, he was also charged for not paying child support to his children. Drea Kelly accused him of ignoring child support. R Kelly is trying his best to defend both the case and his reputation, but this time, the situation seems stronger than ever.