Rapper Yung Miami Shot in Drive-by, Is ex-bf Kodak Black involved in this?


    Rapper Yung Miami was shot in a drive-by shooting early on Tuesday morning. The incident occurred nearby her recording studio in Miami, Florida.

    How The Incident Went Down

    Yung, 25 and pregnant was reportedly driving back home from her studio called Circle House in Miami when the shooting occurred. Multiple bullets (16, some report) were fired into the red Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon she drives. The City Girls star told the police that said shots were fired from a car behind her that had its light turned off.

    The bullets hit her spare tire and damaged her car, but fortunately, Yung and her baby are unharmed.

    Police detective Lee Cowart has said that “It appeared the vehicle had been shot consistent with projectiles.” He also confirmed that there were no injuries.

    Connected To An Ex In Jail?

    Yung Miami announced she was pregnant with 808 Mafia rapper Southside’s baby back in June. She posted this picture of her baby bump on Instagram:


    This shooting comes just after Yung’s ex, rapper Kodak Black, recorded a song from jail threatening Yung. The sing reveals that he intends to “punch her in the stomach” for not marrying him.

    Black was sent to prison in May on allegations of lying on forms to purchase guns. In his new track released from behind bars, he sang, “I bought Yung Miami a ring, she bought an 808 baby. When I see her, I’m a hit that b**ch in her stomach.”

    The track was then released on social media. 808 refers to the presumed father of Miami’s child. However, officials have not been able to connect the soundtrack to the shooter in any way yet.

    Yung Miami’s real name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee. She is part the duo City Girls who are best known for their hit Twerk alongside Cardi B.