Remix Alert- It’s Reunion Time for Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas, Remix of Suge


    Everyone must be familiar with the super popular viral sensation “Suge” by DaBaby. We all know the love for the remix of popular tracks. However, this time it is going to more exciting as Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez are here with a superb remix of the foot-tapping number Suge.

    Let’s Be Friends Again

    Joyner and Tory were at loggerheads with each other over a rap battle. But finally, they decided to over this silly fight. Their track begins with Joyner directly referring to their beef. The lines clearly say that Joyner is now over the beef and wanted to be friends with Tory again. Lucas even invited Tory for soda and bleach. Lucas also poses a threat to blow up everyone if he fails to win the Grammy this year.

    Tory backs this powerful track with such awesome lyrics in his own way. He says- ” I am up to no good”.

    It is definitely a great gesture from both of them. Indeed music reunites everyone and with such a kind move Tory and Joyner showed one can remain friends overcoming all problems.


    What Was The Beef?

    Last year they had a battle rap challenge and from then on they became rivals. Joyner and Tory both are experts in freestyles. The two involved in a fight with each other with remixes for songs like Meek Mill’s “Litty” and Kodak Black’s “Zeze”.

    Tory is a Canadian singer and rapper. Some of his hit tracks are “Say It”, “Luv”. His album Love Me Now also became a huge success. In an Instagram video of 2018, Lanez claimed to be a better singer than Lucas and threw an open challenge to him. And then Lucas gave him rap battle challenge as well. It is said that the beef was a temporary one.

    No wonder, these two rappers know how to fight over silly issues in friendships. Just as they blow the minds of their fans with their powerful raps, they also sorted out all issues between them using their words as weapons.

    If you still haven’t checked out the remix of Suge yet again, check it above.