Rihanna Speaks Out About El Paso, Texas Shooting: Calls Out Trump To Curb White Supremacist In America


    Rihanna is not one of the singers to keep her lips sealed even if it offends other people, even the President.


    America had yet another mass shooting incident in El Paso, Texas, prayers go out to the victim’s families. A 21-year-old boy entered Walmart with an AK-47 and killed 30 innocent people. This is yet another incident after the food festival in Cali where 6 people were killed.

    Trump tweeted out “shooting in El Paso, Texas was not only tragic but a pure act of cowardice”. This is where Rihanna stood up and wrote that ” Trump you spelt Terrorism wrong” indicating the word “Cowardice”. Rihanna put out some pretty blunt sorrowful facts which were sadly true. She wrote that imagine living in a country where getting an AK-47 is easier than getting a Visa.

    Rihanna wrote to imagine building a wall to keep the terrorist inside the country. She reminded Trump about the two shooting incident which happened back to back, hours apart leaving almost 30 dead. Trump has put out that he wants to build a wall and classifies Mexican or Muslim race as a terrorist but has forgotten about the White Supremacy.

    The report which came out after the incident that the boy who entered with an AK-47 was a white supremacist. White supremacy is the biggest problem in America which needs to be dealt with, before building any wall. Cardi B also responded well saying that” we get it that both the shooters were white supremacist terrorist”. She wrote what is Trump goona do to some of his Racist followers.

    Rihanna and Cardi B both wrote the truth which was visible but not many famous people were addressing it. Rihanna addressed the truth of the incident and again reminded trump to deal with White Supermacy in the country.