Ryan Murphy’s upcoming show- The Politician, a Netflix Original, all set to release!


    ‘Politician’, a Netflix Original, is ready to be launched soon. The American comedy web television series, is said to revolve around Payton Hobart’s life, juggling to fulfill his political aspirations against the back drop of Saint Sebastian School.

    Netflix has already picked up two seasons of the show. The show stars, the Tony award winner Ben Platt playing the role of protagonist.

    Ryan Muprhy, the writer and producer of many leading shows including Glee (2009), Eat Pray Love (2010) and American Horror Story (2011), has worked alongside Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for the creation of ‘Politician’.

    Many sites report that the show will deal with many real life incidents, like college-scandals. Murphy has been quoted saying the show is about- “It’s wealthy people behaving badly”.  The plan for The Politician is to let the audience witness Platt’s fictional character, Payton Hobart, as he runs from a different election, from student, government to presidency.

    Currently, five seasons of the show are anticipated. Though names of politicians are not mentioned, inspiration, of the storyline, might be taken from the life incidents of eminent personalities such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon etc.

    The Triple Crown Acting achiever, Jessica Lange along with The Golden Globe award recipient, Gwyneth Paltrow, will be seen co-starring in the show. Other cast includes Judith Light, Zoey Deutch, Laura Dreyfuss, Lucy Boynton and Bob Balaban. The singer-songwriter, Bette Midler, may also star for a guest appearance.

    Payton, a wealthy student from Santa Barbara, California, has to navigate his way to live his dreams, without compromising on his morals and beliefs and tactfully handle his ruthless classmates, and the corrupted system, simultaneously trying to maintaining his image.

    The Politician, a guide as to what it takes to be a politician is set to premiere on Netflix on September 27, 2019.