Sushma Swaraaj “Former Foreign Minister of India” Passed Away at the Age of 67, at 3pm on Lodhi Road Crematorium


    Sushma Swaraj has left the world. Rest in peace Sushma Swaraj. We will miss you. And you were the best foreign minister India had.

    Bad Luck As We Lost Sushma Swaraj

    Sushma Swaraj took her last breathe in the AIIMS ( All India Institute Of Medical Sciences). She was 67 years old.

    Sushma Swaraaj "Former Foreign Minister" Passed Away at the Age of 67, at 3pm on Lodhi Road Crematorium

    The hospital confirmed that she got the heart attack as she was suffering from kidney disease and was surviving with only one kidney.

    And she has left the world. Just four hours before her death, she tweeted on the achievement of Modi government on article 370.

    Now all the prominent ministers and politicians are reaching  Aims to see her for the last time. May her soul rest in peace.

    She has done many things for India. And that’s why she was among the best foreign minister in India.

    She has always been an active minister in the central ministry. Though she didn’t fight the elections this fight, year due to her health issues. But still, she was remembered for her work. And was praised for her work every time.

    The information came around 11’o clock that Sushma swaraj health is quite disturbed. And therefore she has been admitted to aims, Delhi.

    Later around 11:20 pm, the hospital confirmed her death due to a heart attack. India has loosed a great personality and a great soul.

    May her soul rest in peace! And we all get the strength to recover from this significant loss of such a great personality and empowered women.