The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown asks out Tyler C for drinks!!!


    On Tuesday night, the Bachelorette wrapped up with a dramatic finale, just as promised by Chris Harrison.

    Hannah Brown gave her final rose to Jed Wyatt just before she learned he came on the show with a girlfriend. In a dramatic turn of events, Brown announced during the finale that she and Wyatt are no longer together.

    Hannah Brown Tyler C Jed
    Credit: Cosmopolitan

    She then asked out the runner-up Tyler Cameron. Hannah has stated that she might have misjudged Tyler during her initial journey.

    After both men met Hannah’s parents, the Bachelorette said that she was conflicted and was falling in love with both the men. Her feelings for Tyler were until the end but it were stronger for Jed. She accepted his proposal. However after filming concluded, reports about Jed having a girlfriend came out. The women claimed to be Jed’s ex is Hailey Stevens.

    On the live finale, Hannah admitted that she still had feelings for Tyler and then she asked him out.


    She posted on her Instagram about this:


    For Tyler’s part, he offered a very cryptic comment on Instagram:

    He has also been to Nick Viall’s The Viall Files Podcast after the filming. His statement were vague and not that romantic

    It is still unclear what is the status of their relationship, we just wish them all the best.