The Love Story of the Strongest Couple in Hollywood


    The union of actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn is often cited as an example, as the personification of loyalty, mutual respect, and love. This is very much not surprising because these two have spent most of their lives together and still enjoy each other’s company!

    And today we would like to tell you their story because it is a very fascinating one indeed. It is a story of love, loyalty, which will show the difference between love and infatuation.

    Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn met all the way back in 1967 Then, the up-and-coming actor was only sixteen years old, and his future spouse was 5 years older than him. They had their first meeting on the set. The young couple talked for some time, it was quite a pleasant meeting, but without hints of any future relationship. They’ve just exchanged a few friendly phrases and went on about their business.

    Yeah, that’s right, they just went their separate ways! What did you think, they immediately fell in love with each other and began to live happily ever after? Nope, in fact, the next time they’ve met was 20 years after their first meeting on the set of “Swing Shift” in 1983.

    At that point in her life, Goldie went through two unsuccessful marriages, Kurt had one. From the previous relationship, the actress still had two children – three-year-old Katie and five-year-old Oliver. Russell also had a child at that time – a two-year-old boy named Boston. Despite all this, they decided to start a relationship. And the initiator of this relationship, at least from what we know, was Goldie Hawn.

    The actress fell in love with the young actor, but, as she claims, it was not like she lost her mind because of him, it was just a light sense of attraction towards Kurt. “When I saw Kurt, I didn’t think: “Oh God, I can’t wait any longer!”, says Hawn. “I’m generally suspicious of such symptoms of attraction.” Instead, according to the actress, she wondered how clever he was! The woman admired Kurt’s peace and tranquility.

    She also liked the fact that the man quickly found a common language with her two children. But Kurt did the first concrete step towards establishing a relationship. One day, he asked Goldie to help him learn the jitterbug dance, supposedly for a movie. The actress knew that her colleague was just messing around, but despite this, she agreed to work with him.

    Then Kurt brought Goldie to the Playboy club and they spent the whole evening there talking, because, as it turned out, no one danced in the establishment. When the club closed, they began to think about where to go next. At that time, Goldie lived in her mom’s apartment, as her house was being repaired after a flood. Kurt – lived with his sister. Just imagine such a situation, two quite popular, highly paid actors living with their relatives. Then they decided to ride around the city at night, and at the end of the walk, Goldie invited her colleague to come to her place.

    Of course, the girl immediately warned that repairs were underway there, but when they went inside and were left alone, the question of cleanliness didn’t bother the two of them … One day, in an interview, Course Russell admitted that he was very worried about how Hawn’s children would react to him. Then he decided to take matters into his own hands and told her children: “Just because I fell in love with your mother does not mean that I fell in love with you.

    And the fact that I found myself in your life does not mean that you should love me. Let’s be honest with each other and stay on our own.” Hawn’s children appreciated Kurt’s sincerity and soon began to call him simply “pa.” Since then, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have never parted! The couple has been living together for more than 30 years, but they’ve never gone as far as to get officially married.

    According to both the actor and the actress, being married and making it official is not the most important thing in the life of a family. And, given their experience, how can you argue with them? They are the strongest couple in Hollywood that managed to stay together for over 30 years. What do you think about the two of them? Do you think that joint life without marriage is possible?