The Role of Electric Linear Actuators for Office Automation and Modernization


    Electric linear actuators are used in a wide variety of industries, in the development of medical equipment and for furniture construction. They are designed to automate particular equipment. Actuators are used in automatic production lines, food processing equipment, in lifts, escalators, etc. With their help, engineers and designers working with modeling of new buildings and complicated projects oriented towards full-scale automation reach success in their plans. One of the most noticeable areas where linear actuators technology is implemented is office automation. But how effective it is to use actuators to improve the quality and tempo of office work?

    From the smallest to the biggest electric actuators implemented in office-building and modernization projects justify efforts spent on this project. At first glance, a person who never dealt with electric linear actuators won’t see the prospects of using this technology for office improvement. However, the reasons for this technology implementation are more than important. Only a few already know that the ordinary five-wheel office chairs so common for routine office work are the brightest example of the linear actuator implementation for office purposes. Taking into account that the types of actuators used for those chairs have almost nothing in common with electric linear actuators it would be worth to mention other models of actuators that are important for the operations of various office equipment. Among actuators used for office purposes are micro linear actuators, mini actuators, feedback actuators, mini industrial actuators, hall effect sensor actuators, and even heavy-duty actuators that are able to perform seriously complicated work when it comes to the linear movement of solid pieces of walls that are nowadays is quite spread in office building practice. Their characteristics and types of equipment in which they are used vary significantly, however, the principle of work remains the same. Except for walls movement, heavy-duty actuators can be used for garage doors automatic movement and a lot of other implementations.

    Another quite outstanding use of electric linear actuators is the wave of standing desk equipment that rolls through the world of enterprises and companies holding large-scale offices. Especially this euphoria is noticeable in cases of companies dealing with shift types of work as the work in TV channels, customer support centers, and call services. The standing desk technology as the table with a tabletop that can be elevated in case of need is able to satisfy the demands of customers with totally different physical parameters of their body. This allows using the same piece of office furniture by as many people as needed in terms of the fast-changeable office environment. In general, using standing desk technology for office purposes leaves business holders and entrepreneurs more space for variations and makes their business more adjustable for surrounding conditions and more flexible to unpredictable changes. 

    Another quite spread practice in our times is the implementation of electric linear actuators for building the conference halls where this technology with particular success is used for automation of projector canvas screens, that with the help of linear actuators can be hidden from the plain sight right after projectors presentation to broad audience. 

    Modern architects even use linear actuators to create the transformable rooms where the interior look can be changed easily with a single button press of remote control system connected via WIFI with each linear actuator used for the designing of the office space. 

    Electric linear actuators allow creating the space and working conditions that would be the best ones for certain types of office work where flexibility is rated highly. Building the office space implementing such linear motion technologies as linear actuators proves that the role of modern technologies in the improvement of office work is great.