The Sad split of Brody and wife Kaitlyn Carter, The Hills star after staying married for only a year


    The Hills actor Brody Jenner reportedly splits with his wife Kaitlyn Carter after one year of marriage

    35-year-old actor Brody Jenner whom we can recognize from the famous American television series The Hills got married to blogger Kaitlyn Carter in June 2018. The two have stayed married for about only a year after which they recently decided to separate this year.

    According to some reports, it is believed that the couple never actually legally married, which means their marriage was not legalized even after they did have a proper luxurious wedding ceremony in Indonesia.


    Jenner and Carter started dating each other in the year 2014 and later got engaged during their trip to Sumba in 2016 followed by their wedding in 2018. Some sources tell that Kaitlyn wanted a baby and a legal marriage, which was a topic of frequent arguments between them and eventually led them to make this hard decision.


    The couple’s relationship was seen on screen for the very first time on the very first season of The Hills, where Jenner also talked about his relationship with his dad, Caitlyn Jenner saying that “Not having my dad at the wedding, it was a bummer……. Honestly, it really did hurt and I would have loved to have her there. But she had better things to do. Apparently.”

    People did not know about their relationship troubles until their relationship was documented on MTV’s reboot of The Hills named The Hills: New Beginnings. In the premiere episode of the show Brody has confessed that “While I don’t have kids, I’m gonna pretty much do what I wanna do and live for myself, as opposed to live for another human being. I think that’s why she wants kids; she wants me to change in that way.”

    Brody also called Kaitlyn a “psychopath” and “nightmare” during some of the arguments which made her very anger as well as upset.


    Insiders have informed that Kaitlyn has already moved out of the California house that both of them shared together.  What was more noticeable was Brody who was seen hanging out with friends in West Hollywood without his wedding ring.

    However, none of them have confirmed their break up news.