The story behind the Singer turned Convict- Antonella Barba


    In 2007, the American Idol contestant, Antonella Barba was all over the news and not solely for her voice. In recent times, again, she has been in the news for being caught distributing nearly 2 pounds of fentanyl (a type of drug).

    At the age of 20, Barba left her Bachelor’s and participated in the sixth season of American Idol. Antonella cleared all the forthcoming rounds and survived all the way into final 12 females. Around that time, her old pictures started trending on the internet. She dominated the press for quite a while, with questionable pictures of her drinking, photos of her in the bathroom, and other content being circulated.

    Post her journey in singing competition, she joined the Catholic University of America to complete her Bachelors of Science degree in Architecture.  In 2010, she opted to participate in Fear Factor.

    Off late, Barba, 32, was pleaded guilty in a Norfolk court after she was caught by police in Virginia with large amounts of synthetic opioid.

    Investigation reports reveal that the drugs were found in a shoebox, hidden under the passenger seat of Barba’s car. It has been testified in some news sites that the drug obtained from Barba was sufficient to kill nearly 400,000 people, or even more.

    This isn’t the only instance, where Barba has faced charges against her. Controversies suggest that she was also involved in a marijuana case in Kanas. Moreover, in 2011, she was arrested for shoplifting in New York City. She also drew backlash in 2007, for posing in a wet t-shirt near the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

    According to statements, she could possibly face a life sentence or at least a minimum of 10 years in prison. She might be even charged for up to $10 million in fines, as well as asset forfeiture.

    The final verdict is scheduled on November 21, in U.S District Court in Norfolk.