Thor: Love and Thunder Natalie Portman revealed her role on that movie


    Guess What?  This time not Chris Hemsworth but Natalie Portman will be female Thor. The first movie of the s Thor series was released in 2011 in which the main characters were Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. The director ‘Taika Waititi wished to make something new. The announcement of this big surprise was made at San Diego Comic-Con by the directors.

    Natalie will play first female Thor of Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is said that the movie will release on 5 November, not this year but in 2021! Natalie started working on her role of Female Thor, which would be a big big surprise for fans to see her. She reveals that she is reading comics of Thor to play a perfect role and she is going through all of them. In the last movies of Thor Natalie (Jane Foster) played an important role where Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mjolnir helps her to restore her strength and led Jane transforming into the mighty Thor. And during the war, she sacrificed herself to save Asgardian from Magog. Jane was brought back to life by Thor and Odin.


    The audience gave their wide endorsement towards the series and the actress which forced Taika Waititi to bring back Natalie. In one of her interview in 2016, she said that “as far as I know I’m done” referring to the Thor series of movies and this is also a big surprise to her. The Oscar-winning actress is almost all set to play the role. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this would be another movie of power women including The Black Widow and Captain Marvel and Now The Thor: Love and Thunder (female Thor) with some different superpowers. The fans welcome Natalie as the female Thor ‘ God of Thunder’.