Titans Season 2 releases first trailer, new faces in the team? Whats All?


    DC Universe is preparing to launch the second season of Titans in a month. In honor of that, the first trailer for the season has been released online.

    As expected, there are a lot of new characters and a lot of untold backstories. The first season of DC’s Titans dropped the viewers in the middle of the action. The trailer seems to be promising for a lot more. Here’s the trailer for season 2:


    In addition to the main cast, there are a few new faces joining the squad for season 2 as evident from the trailer. So here are all the new members who will be seen in this season:

    DC, Titans

    AQUALAD: The Titans are getting a major power boost with Aqualad joining the team. Brew Van Acker will be playing the role. Aqualad has powers similar to Aquaman.

    BRUCE WAYNE: The trailer begins with the arrival of Bruce Wayne played by Iain Glen (Game Of Thrones). With his arrival, the anticipation for the season is building up.

    DEATHSTROKE: Deathstroke will be a major antagonist for the season. Esai Morales will be playing the role. This is good news for the Arrow fans who were craving for more Slade Wilson.

    DC Titans, Deathstroke

    JERICHO: Slade Wilson’s children will be playing a major part in this season. Season 2 will introduce YouTube star and activist Chella Man as Slade’s son Joseph, better known as Jericho. He is an artistic prodigy who has the power to possess the bodies of others through eye contact.

    RAVAGER: Season 2 will introduce Slade’s daughter Rose, played by Chelsea Zang. She has a complex and twisted relationship with her father. Also, she has similar superhuman abilities as her father.

    SUPERBOY: As teased in the finale episode of the season, Superboy will be joining Titans. Joshua Orpin will be seen as Conner Kent, A teen clone of Superman.

    KRYPTO: Not only Superboy will be joining the team, but he’ll also be joined by his faithful dog Krypto.


    It looks as though most of this season will be dealt with the aftermath of Superboy’s escape. Apart from that, the arrival of Deathstroke will be another issue. Also, his two kids are all set to appear in the season to affect the story-line. Titans season 2 premieres on September 6th on DC Universe.