Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s adopted children turned away from her, former Scientologist claims


    Nicole Kidman doesn’t really talk about the lids she adopted while she was married to Tom Cruise. But her own children are the occasional subject of conversation now and then. And we may finally start to understand why.

    What Nicole Has To Say And What The Truth Is

    Nicole has previously said she’s a private person and that’s why her adopted kids Isabella- her 26-year-old daughter and Connor- her 24-year-old son are often not the topic of conversation. But a former Scientologist that Radar Online recently spoke to has shed some light on the real situation. And according to her, Nicole had to bid her adopted kids goodbye when she left Tom and Scientology behind in 2001.

    Sam Domingo, the former Scientologist, said that it was in fact due to Tom Cruise that this happened. He reportedly made the conscious decision to distance himself, Isabella and Connor from their adoptive mother Nicole after she chose to no longer be a Scientologist.

    More Shocking Claims: Brainwashed Children?

    Domingo also said that the children were brainwashed and made to believe that their mother was a “suppressive person.” A similar image of their grandpa Anthony Kidman was planted in the children’s minds. She also says that the children were ordered to not speak to either of those two; they couldn’t speak to their grandpa because he died in 2014, but Nicole was still off-limits, They were reportedly even taught that their mother was not really their mom, but a “meat body” or a bad person.Nicole Kidman Welcome a new Member in Family, Posted on Instagram!

    She also claims that their adoptive father limited their decisional freedom and forced them to go to Scientology school. According to her, Connor was also never treated the same way or mingled with the general population of students. Instead, his father sought out preferential treatment for him from the President’s Office.

    Tom Cruise has not responded to these shocking allegations so far.