Tom Holland and olivia bolton Dating rumor, has Zendaya broken up with him


    Tom Holland and Zendaya have basically been the Internet’s sweetheart couple. Even though they never confirmed their relationship. But it looks like Tom Hilland might have a girlfriend, and she’s not Zendaya.

    A Mystery Woman In July

    Tom Holland was spotted holding hands with a mystery blonde woman back in July at the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London. TMZ photos even show the pair cuddling and showing off some PDA while Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams delivered their performances at the event. And now we have some answers as to who this lucky girl is.

    The Sun has identified the Spiderman actor’s mystery girlfriend as Olivia Bolton, a childhood friend of Holland’s. They’ve reportedly been friends for many years but only recently came to realize “the connection” they share. A source shared with the magazine that Holland is “totally smitten” by Bolton and they’ve been dating for months. “All their friends and family think they make a lovely couple,” The Sun reported.


    While there’s no way to confirm if this is true yet, the fact that Tom follows an Olivia Bolton on Instagram [who has a private account] could be something in the way of proof. Apart from that, we’ve yet to see.

    What This Means for Tomdaya

    Shipping the Spiderman co-stars is one of our favorite pastimes, right? But the good news is, Zendaya might just be single. Keep your hopes up, boys (or girls).

    It’s worth noting though, that if Tom and Olivia are really dating, it’s probably long term. Just this year, while talking to Elle to deny the rumors that he was dating Zendaya, Tom opened up about himself. “I’m definitely a relationship person,” the 23-year-old actor said. “I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life.”