Tom Holland and Zendaya breakup rumors emerges due Olivia Bolton


    It seems that Tom Holland and Zendaya have broken-up.

    The two Spider-Man co-stars were rumored to have been in a relationship ever since the 2017 release of Homecoming, only for those to come to a sudden halt this past month.

    Holland was recently spotted at a concert in London with a mystery woman whom nobody quite knew the identity of until some deep digging by the paparazzi helped unearth some facts in July.

    The woman was Olivia Bolton, a childhood friend of Holland’s whom he had recently rekindled his relationship with, and their public displays of affection at the aforementioned concert made it apparent that a bond had been forged.


    Credit: Mega


    For those who had shipped the British superstar with Zendaya all these years, however, only heartbreak was in store.

    Of course, neither, Holland’s breakup nor his new relationship, have been confirmed by him, the two women involved, or anybody close to him, meaning that we’re hedging our bets on pure strands of speculation and that we might be some time away from any concrete admissions.

    Another thing that also remains in the balance is Holland’s future career graph.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home has grossed over $1 billion at the box-office, and become quite quickly the most successful on-screen outing for the web-slinger ever.

    But, doubts remain over Holland’s future as the character.

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    The cinematic rights for Spider-Man are owned by Sony, of course, and have been lent to Marvel Studios for a limited time period, thus inciting speculation as to what the Japanese conglomerate might do with their marquee superhero once he returns under their wing, with many publications suggesting that Holland would almost certainly get replaced in order to pave the way for yet another reboot, possibly with Miles Morales, but only time will tell.