Trump mocks burglary at Elijah Cummings home!


    Trump mocks burglary at Elijah Cummings home!! Too bad, responded Trump to the robbery attempt. Elijah Eugene Cummings is the American politician and the member of U.S. house of representatives for Maryland’s 7th congressional district. The mocking should come as no surprise as both Trump and Cummings have been feuding in recent days. Cummings’ House Oversight and Reform Committee is investigating Trump’s family members who are serving in the White House.

    The break-in happened last Saturday in the house of Congressman Cummings, and it was reported to the Baltimore police. The cops are investigating case and searching whole house for any clues left by the intruder. In a statement the Maryland democrat said that someone tried to intrude in his residence around 3:40 am, he was immediately notified of the intrusion by the security system. After getting told Cummings screamed which terrified the intruder and forced him to run away.

    Source:- Outlook India

    According to the Baltimore Police Department incident report, a black man presumed to be in his early 40s entered Cummings’ apartment building through the front door. The report also said that the male resident’s wife saw the intruder escape on a cycle. The burglary happened just a few hours before the controversial tweet made by President Donald Trump.

    Earlier Trump tweeted that Cummings, a Maryland democratic, is representing a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested district. He also said that Cummings is a brutal bully who shouts and screams at women and men of border patrol about the southern border when his Baltimore district is the far worse condition. He also added that Baltimore is considered the worst neighbourhood in the USA. Trump faced heavy criticism and verbal attacks by Cummings’ fellow Democrats and other people.