Twitter war over Trump and America? What has Kristy Swanson to do with it?


    Heart of the matter:

    Recently, twitter saw another tweet war take place between Kristy Swanson, who is perhaps known mostly due to her role in 1992’s “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and Canadian-American actor, Patrick Gallagher, best known for his role as Coach Ken Tanaka in “Glee.”

    Source: IMDB

    The incident took place after Gallagher retweeted a video in which two women are enthusiastically praising USA President Donald J. Trump. He tweeted that the video is the reason “why people laugh at America,”

    This tweet did not sit right with Swanson who, in a tweet, reminded Patrick that is a Canadian making a living as an “actor” in The United States Of America.
    “If you’re so embarrassed by our Country that is putting food on your table, I’d be more than happy to purchase your 1 Way ticket back to America’s Hat,” she said.

    Gallagher replied by tweeting about his prior working experience with Swanson, “You were a diva and rude when I worked with you… It looks like you haven’t changed gotten any more class,”

    Gallagher also called Swanson because she “Didn’t even bother to do the research,” as Gallagher holds American citizenship. He also called her a “typical Trumpster class and thin skin,”

    Patrick Gallagher later blocked Swanson.

    Swanson also defended her calling Canada as America’s Hat.



    But this is not the only tweeter clash regarding Trump. Earlier this month, the President himself came under fire after he posted a bunch of racist tweets, criticizing progressive Democratic congresswomen. Many members of the Democratic party rallied in support of the congresswomen.

    British Prime Minister, Theresa May said that President Trump’s remarks were “completely unacceptable.”