Updates! Marvel comics shared a glimpse of their upcoming “Spider-man: Velocity #1”


    As confirmed earlier, Marvel is coming up with their new comics from Adventures of Spider-man series of PlayStation 4. The book will be launched on the 28th of August. Pre-order has already started to cope up with the demand of the fans.

    To give a glimpse of the upcoming comics, Marvel shared a five-page preview with their fans. The show states that the story will be set in Gamesverse and will also reveal the reason behind the building of the velocity suit by Peter Parker. It also suggested that Spider-man will be continuing to balance his colliding worlds as he attempts to Protect NYC from the threats of Super-villains like Swarm. The comic will also focus on Reporter Mary Jane Watson, as she hunts deep into an investigation with veteran Daily bugle Journalist Ben Urich.

    Preview of the upcoming “Spider-man: velocity” does give us a hint of the narrative and the storyline of the newest venture. “Spider-man: Velocity” will follow the events the previous PlayStation 4 Spider-Man story, City of War. Thus the story will introduce the much-talked-about Velocity armor designed by Artiste Ari Granov.

    Dennis Hallum and Emilio Lasio lent their brains behind the creation of this Marvels’ sheer piece. With the preview of the comics, Marvels also shared few eye-popping colors which are quite intriguing and astonishing at the same time. Illustrated by Emilio Lasio, in one of the covers a deadly bee weapon can be seen. The most surprising part of the illustration is the weapon is directly aiming at Spider Man’s butt.

    So What are you waiting for? Go and pre-book your copies as you might get a hands-on them on 28th of August itself.