Victoria’s Secret model was allegedly fired for gaining half an inch!!!


    Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm made a shocking revelation which inspired her to lead a healthier life. A prominent client fired the 27-year-old Australian Model for half an inch increase in her waist size. The modeling industry is now facing an increasing number of accusations regarding the poor treatment of its models.

    Malcolm had been previously suffering from Anorexia- in which patients would have an extremely restrictive diet to fulfill a strong desire of staying thin. In an elaborate blog post, she explained how she needed ‘twelve hours of sleep’ to function while suffering from the disorder. She did not have regular menses for many months and worked very hard to recover her normal body strength.

    Bridget’s story in part reveals the harsh conditions and standards these models have to bear with to pursue their career. The lowered standard of work ethic is impacting the mental health of these top tier of models who then resort to unhealthy and harmful ways to maintain body weight.

    The model put up a new blog post on Tuesday, stating ” I am delighted to say my body has reached its natural set point. For the last year, my weight has not fluctuated significantly. I know that for a lot of people this is not a big deal. But I have spent the last 14 years attempting to get as small as I can…”.

    She ended on a positive note and told fans that now she is satisfied with her current position in the industry where she could maintain a healthy lifestyle.