VIRAL VIDEO: Donkey Singing Lion King Simba with Kinley: Gets Viral Online, Watch Here


    Latest Travis Kinley’s shared video has gone viral. The video shows Kinley singing Lion King song with a donkey. The Lion King song bring out even the donkey to sing, not a good singer but applauded for the enthusiasm.


    The donkey name is Nathan and he sings the Lion King song with his partner Kinley. This week Kinley was spending time with Nathan and his friend. He thought to sing the song called ‘Circle Of Life’ to his pals. And to a surprise, Nathan started singing with him which was more adorable than you could think of. Kinley and Nathan’s duet was too adorable to not go viral on the net.

    The horse was perhaps feeling a little bit camera shy this time, maybe next time, who knows. Anyone who can recognise the Circle Of Life song but now the animal kingdom is now a part too. It seems like Lion King does bring out animals together. We all have tried to sing the first part of the song and most of us never succeded unless you know Zulu.

    The donkey was not a great singer but you have to appreciate the thought of joining in with Kinley. The video went viral within an hour and now has over 2 million views on Facebook and 58k shares on Facebook. This video is shown on national as well as an international news station. Well, Nathan is now a star, who knows maybe an Instagram account for Nathan’s talent.

    Kinley said he got Nathan from a farm near North Carolina and he has heard him braying but never singing. Since he posted the due he has received much love from people for making him laugh. Everyone would love to see an additional duet with another song.