Waiting For intresting Crossovers? Well MCU’s Runaways 3 is the perfect tea to curb your Desire


    Hulu’s Original, Runaways has been officially announced a renewal which happens to be premiered next month. Now, Since there is plenty of time for fans to await the premier, the exciting announcement of a possible crossover ha left fans in “Marvel”.


    The Marvel series has been aired on Hulu for two seasons, which started with release of season one in 2017, and season two on December, 2018. The primary plot consists of a bunch of teens investigating their parents, after being suspicious about the organization named Pride where their parents put up. In season two the teens runaway from their privileged homes, in exploration about the organization.


    A new teaser has been released that confirms the release of third installment on December 13 this year. The teaser clearly reveals a possible twist in plot. But this is not the final news. A crispier information is that Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, which is a series based on two teens cursed by some magic that binds them. Interestingly fans were awaiting a crossover between the two as both series are some what in same geographical area and time line. The great news is the casts of both series have confirmed the event of crossover that shall take place in season 3.

    Marvel and Hulu has made another official announcement about the crossover between runways and Cloak and dagger, in which the stars posted a video sitting in the mansion they ran away from.


    There are several assumptions about the possible plot of season 3. It would definitely show Moly, Alex and Nico on a quest to find and save Karolina, Gert and Chase, who have been captivated. the crossover plot is still skeptical to unleash, but possibly the new friends will help runaways to find the rest, as well as to unleash more secrets about the Pride together.