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    Bam Margera took his breath on the on 28 September 1979 in West Chester located in Pennsylvania, US. He is an American professional skateboarder and also stunt performer in USA, filmmaker, musician, actor, and a Television personality. He is the leading cast member on MTV’s Jackass.

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    He is the son of April and Phil Margera. He completed his education from West Chester East High School where he went only to be with his best friend, Chris Raab. Bam is divorced from Melissa Rothstein with whom he married in 2007 and separated in 2012, and now he is married to Nicol Boyd, tied a holy knot in 2013, and he had one child with her.

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    Bam started shooting videos of himself and his friend skateboarding and doing stunts, and which turned into the CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) video series, CKY1, CKY2K, CKY3, and CKY4. Former Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine noticed his all videos and drafted him into the team that would eventually become MTV’s Jackass. He was given his series on MTV after Jackass, Viva La Bam which ran for about five seasons from 2003-2005 and he performed various stunts and missions which was filmed at West Chester but also visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Brazil Finland, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Transylvania.

    Bam begin his career during 1997 and 1998, he was sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards in 2001 and was a member of Team Element. The demonstration team for element skateboards. He wrote and produced three films, he co-wrote Haggard in 2003, the movie was based on the real events of the life of his friend Ryan Dunn in which Dunn played the role of the main character, and Bam was Valo. He also directed Minghas (formally titled Kiss a Good Man’s Ass), on December 2008 he released a Christmas themed movie ‘Bam Marega parents: where the #$&% is Santa?’. Bam also began a weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show on Sirius channel 28 Fiction on November 2004 which was called RadioBam.